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VGA - Video Conventer

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 The whole family shares one computer, watching movies and playing games on the internet.

  The popularization of computers brings great conveniences for people's work and life. Maybe at one certain occasion you need to change the VGA signals into Video/S-Video signals. The movies you downloaded from the internet can be entirely combined to the family cinema, and you can easily experience cinema affection. You also can demonstrate the BRM need to be presented to the audience through the large-screen TV...

  Video Converter can easily help you to realize the conversion of VGA signals into Video/S-video signals.


   ■ One input of VGA signals, one output of VGA signals,

   ■ One output of Video, one output of S-Video

   ■ One ACPI of 5V

   ■ Resolutions of VGA signals:640x480@60/72/75/85Hz,800x600@60/75Hz,1024x768@60/75Hz, 1280x1024@60Hz

   ■ At the same time, output the VGAVIDEOS-VIDEO signals.

   ■ Show simultaneously pictures on the monitor and TV

   ■ Support the systems below:
          1.NTSC (Taiwan and USA);
          4.PAL-N(Uruguay Paraguay)

   ■ Support the OVERSCAN and UNDERSCAN display mode,

   ■ Convenient to carry because it is light, thin, short and

   ■ Volume: 110mm(length)x56mm(width)x36mm(height)   

   Package Contents

     1 x converter box

      1 x User's Manual

      1 x Video Cable

      1 x USB Type Power Cable

      1 x VGA cable

      1 x S-Video Cable

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