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Samsung Galaxy display glass

16.50€ (price incl. tax 24%)
Availability In stock
Delivery time 2 working days

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Samsung Galaxy  display glas

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Includes display glass and 3M sticker

Mail peyment from Finland: 2,48€

All models have not yet reached

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Galaxy Ace S5830 musta 

Galaxy S2, i9105, GT-i9105 valkoinen

Galaxy S2, i9100, GT-i9100 musta

Galaxy S3, i9305, GT-i9305, GT-i9305 valkoinen 

Galaxy S3, i9300, GT-i9300, GT-i9305 sininen 

Galaxy S3, i9300, GT-i9300, GT-i9305 musta 

Galaxy S3 i9300, GT-i9300,GT-i9305 punainen 

Galaxy S3 Mini, i8190 valkoinen

Galaxy S3 Mini, i8190 sininen

Galaxy S3 Mini, i8190 musta 

Galaxy S4, i9505 valkoinen

Galaxy S4, i9500, GT-i9505 musta  

Galaxy S4, i9505 sininen

Galaxy S4 i9505 pinkki 

Galaxy S4 Active i9295 i539 musta

Galaxy S4 Active i9295 i953 valkoinen

Galaxy S4 Mini i9195 musta

Galaxy S4 Mini i9195 valkoinen

Galaxy Note N7000 i9220 musta

Galaxy Note N7000 i9220 valkoinen

Galaxy Note 2, N7100 valkoinen

Galaxy Note 2, N7100 musta

Galaxy Note 3, N900 valkoinen

Galaxy Note 3, N900 musta

Galaxy S, i9000 musta

Galaxy S5  G900 musta

Galaxy S5 G900 valkoinen

Galaxy S5 Active  G870 G870A musta


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