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Hearing aid

19.90€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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This item is a perfect Hearing Aid Device for those people with conductive hearing impairment.

* Best Sound Amplifier.
* Volume Adjustable.
* Super mini size and light weight, easy and comfortable to wear.
* With 2 extra earplugs of different size, 2 cell batteries, and 1 cleaning brush.
* Anti-shock, anti-drop, moisture proof, high temperature proof.
* High quality.
* Perfect Hearing Aid Device for those people with conductive hearing impairment

* Suitable for: Those with conductive hearing impairment
* Max Saturated Sound Pressure: 125dB + 4dB
* Full scale sound gain: ≥38dB
* Harmonic Wave Distortion:
When F<100Hz, ≤ 15%
When F>100Hz, ≤ 10%
* Frequency response Range: 450-3800 Hz
* Input Noise: ≤30dB
* Power Voltage: 1.5 V
* Working Current: <10.8mA
* Battery: 2 * GA13 button cell batteries (included)
* Color: Beige
* Product weight: 9g
* Package size: 120*185*30mm
* Package weight: 105g

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